Grilled filet of brasilian beef with a housemade choice of sauces 
(handbeaten bernaise, creamy roquefortsauce, 3-peppersauce, sauce from fresh meadow mushrooms, grainy mustard sauce) 
19.50€ *** Hand cutted, fresh tartar of tenderloin beef
*** Crispy barbarie duck breast à l’orange with grilled vegetables provenciale and tasty handcutted fries 16.50€
*** Grilled filet of Iberico pork in a fine mustard sauce on a pastanest 17.50€
*** Poached chickenbreast in a sweet-salty soya-honeysauce with a smack of cinnamon 15.50€
*** With bacon coated roll of chickenbreast filled with avocado and a creamy avocadosauce coming with rice and grilled vegetable skewer
16.00€ *** On the skin grilled gilthead with tomatoes and black olives in a light rosemary gravy
*** Roasted tunafilet with lemonsauce 14.50€
*** Long stewed squied rings Armoricaine in a stock of brandy, tomatoes and fresh herbes 13.50€ ***
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