Cold Gaspacho of suntomatoes with fine basil salt 
6.00€ *** Lukewarm salad of prawns flavored with fresh mint, lemon and oregano 
*** Cold lentil salad with crunchy bacon strips 6.50€
*** Millefeuille of smoked salmon and surimi with fresh herbes 8.00€
*** Fine leaf salad in a curry vinaigrette with warm king prawns 8.50€
*** Gratinated goat cheese on roasted bread and fresh leaf salad
6.00€ *** Mediteranean salad with tomatoes, feta cheese, black olives and red onions
small 8.00€
big 11.50€
*** Ceasar Salat with fresh parmesan slices, herbcroutons and grilled chicken breast small 8.50€
big 13.00€
*** Juicy slices of the cold roast beef with a housemade garlicmayonnaise
small 8.00€ big12.50€ ***